What Makes Laser Dentistry Better Than Others?

What Makes Laser Dentistry Better Than Others?

Sep 01, 2019

With the advancement in dentistry, many techniques have come into existence that can help in making the dental treatments quick, painless, and non-invasive as much as possible. One such mode of dental treatment is laser dentistry. What makes laser dentistry so appealing to dentists is the ability of the laser to cut and target precisely. It has been observed that over the period of the last 20 years, laser dentistry has become quite common practice at many dental clinics. This has replaced the environment at a dental clinic by making it warm and peaceful instead of patients in pain.

Let’s Explore Some Benefits of Laser Dentistry in Wall Township, NJ:

It is Versatile

The dental lasers can be used for addressing a variety of dental issues right from laser dentistry for cavities to teeth whitening and treating gum disease to canker sores. It can also help in reshaping your gums and making them handy as well as a versatile alternative for dentists. There are a variety of dental lasers used for various applications.

A hand-held diode laser is used for treating the soft tissue dental conditions and performing restorative dental work. It can accurately target laser for addressing only the diseases or affected area and keeping the healthy tissue intact and healthy.

Better Restorations

When a laser is used for tooth preparation or dental fillings, it eliminates the need for a dental drill. Also, the bacteria found in the cavity are killed and it helps in getting a better tooth restoration.

Gum Disease Treatment

When it comes to treating periodontal disease, the main aim is to prevent the condition from progressing so that tooth loss can be prevented. Scaling and planing are usually done for removing the plaque from the pockets and roots of teeth.

Dental surgeries may also be needed in severe cases. Using the laser treatment can not only help in addressing the specific issue but also in the reduction of bacteria and toxins along with promoting quick healing.

No-Risk of Infection

The dental lasers sterilize the site of treatment and hence the risk of bacterial infection is minimized. Also, the laser beams are so precise that there is no chance of adjacent tissue getting damaged.

Non-Invasive Technique

Usually, dental surgery is a term that scares most people as it sounds scary and painful. However, a sigh of relief is that the dentist can use a laser for the surgery and make the process less invasive as compared to any other kind of dental surgery. This also means that you need lesser anesthesia for everything right from filling a cavity to cutting the gums and reaching the impacted wisdom tooth.

Promotes Faster Healing

The laser dentistry in-wall Township, NY helps in healing faster after any procedure. Who wants to prolong the recovery period after a procedure? One of the major benefits of laser treatment is that it causes lesser swelling and bleeding which means you can heal faster. Using a laser as a cutting tool enables the dentist to cut and seal the site of treatment at the same time so that there is no excessive bleeding.

Tooth Sensitivity

The dentist near you can seal the tubules that are responsible for tooth sensitivity.

Safe Procedure

Many people ask if the laser treatment is safe and the answer is a definite yes. It can be really helpful for the patient who have pacemakers and who can’t undergo electro-surgery techniques because of the risk of electrical interference. Since the dental lasers don’t produce a lot of heat, they can be used for implants and orthodontic wires and brackets as well.

Early Detection

It has been said that if the cavity is diagnosed early, it can result in lesser repair work and better enamel integrity. The dental laser easily penetrates the teeth and helps in detecting cavities. As compared to x-rays, cavity detection with lasers is up to 90% accurate.

Reshaping Gums

The soft tissue dental lasers can help in reshaping the gum tissue for exposing a greater amount of tooth structure and enhancing the look of a gummy smile.

It can also be used for treating sleep apnea, teeth whitening, removing old fillings, and treating tumors.

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