There are different teeth whitening procedures, but GLO is the most promising teeth whitening program available. This new teeth whitening technology is changing how teeth whitening is done, making it simple and pain-free.

What is GLO Teeth Whitening?

Guided Lights Optics teeth whitening or GLO whitening is a procedure that uses a simple specialized device to combine heat and light, thus activating the GLO tooth gel to ensure whiter, brighter teeth. The technique delivers first-time results that you can only get from in-office teeth whitening. A dentist uses GLO to quickly and entirely introduce light and heat to the teeth, helping eliminate nasty stains from tea, coffee, tobacco, and other staining substances or foods.

Benefits of GLO Professional Teeth Whitening

GLO whitening in the office has many benefits, including:

Faster procedure: With GLO teeth whitening, you spend as little as a third of the time you would otherwise spend using other teeth whitening procedures. Therefore, you can resume your normal daily activities quickly.

No sensitivity: Other teeth whitening procedures may leave your teeth feeling sensitive but not GLO professional teeth whitening near you. You will feel the same walking out when coming in for the procedure.

Unrivaled results: When you visit a GLO teeth whitening clinic, you get unparalleled results. No other teeth whitening procedure makes your teeth white and your smile bright.

No impressions, trays, or lab fees: GLO teeth whitening is very cost-effective because you do not need the dentist to make impressions of your teeth or use any trays. There are also no lab fees.

You can perform GLO whitening treatments at home or in a dental clinic. Seeing a GLO teeth whitening dentist offers the best results. GLO whitening in-office treatment uses professional Guided Light Optics for fast and effective treatment. You get your GLO teeth whitening kit if you have to whiten at home. This includes the GLO technology and a professional-strength whitening gel, which you can only get from a dentist.

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