You can get all of your general dentistry needs met at Susan J. Curley DDS in Wall. We have an experienced staff that can take care of any dental issue you may be experiencing as well as cosmetic procedures. If you need a dentist in Wall Township, there is no better place to schedule an appointment than Susan J. Curley DDS.

Types of Treatments

We have several treatments available for patients in the area. There is no better dental office to trust with your smile and dental health. If you are interested in any of the following general dentistry treatments, give us a call to schedule an exam and talk about your dental health care options.

Bridges & Implants

These are both ways to restore your smile and replace teeth that are missing in the mouth. Bridges are realistic false teeth that are anchored in place by the teeth around it. Implants are secured into the jawbone by a titanium post that bonds to the bone in the jaw. A connector is then placed on the post along with the replacement tooth. This allows teeth to be functional as well as look natural.


Fillings are used when there has been damage to teeth due to injury or trauma. Teeth may have been damaged by cavities caused by plaque and bacteria, in which case the decay must be removed. Once it is removed, a filling is added to provide the tooth with more structure and block the area from further decay and bacteria.

Root Canals

Root canals are performed when there is an infection or inflammation in the canal of teeth. This canal must be cleaned of the inflamed pulp inside of it to avoid it from spreading to other areas of the mouth. The canal is then filled with material to keep it sealed from bacteria, much like a filling. This keeps dentists from having to remove teeth entirely.

Your teeth can benefit from the general dentistry services that Dr. Curley provides. Our office is conveniently located so that you and your family can visit and get the best dental care in the area.

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