If you have healthy teeth now, you must never take your teeth for granted. However, if you are missing a few teeth, you know the value of having a complete smile as you may have had in the past. Being that you have different restoration options at hand, we here at Susan Curley DDS in Wall Township will be taking a deeper dive with you into what dental implants are. Many celebrities and regular individuals have been able to notice the numerous advantages that tooth implants have over traditional dentures.

Bone Grafts Can Make Implants More Successful

It is important to remember, though that teeth implants work best on a certain group of patients. Before your dentist can recommend dental implants for you and your particular set of circumstances, they will assess whether or not your jaw bone is dense enough to support these titanium posts. If it has been a long time since your teeth have first become missing, then the structure and density of your jaw bone will be compromised. However, there is a solution in which bone grafts placed in the jaw can reform and solidify your existing jaw bone in order to be able to take in dental implants.

Strong Jaws Through Osseointegration

In comparison to dentures, dental implants can maintain the structure and livelihood of your jaw. Without roots in the jaw, it can become weekend overtime. However, with implants, small titanium posts are placed into your jaw bone and allowed to heal and integrate as part of your body. This process is known as osseointegration as it refers to the process in which your jaw bone bonds to the implants as if they were, in fact, your natural tooth roots.

Natural Outcome!

After all this, you will be left with the most natural-looking sets of prosthetic teeth. Not only are they the most natural-looking, but it is also one of the only cosmetic dentistry restoration solutions that can offer permanent teeth.

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