Scaling and Root Planing – Periodontal Therapy New Jersey Trusts

Scaling and Root Planing – Periodontal Therapy New Jersey Trusts

Mar 20, 2019

According to studies, an increased amount of adults above 30 are suffering from periodontal disease. It is essential to maintain good oral hygiene in order to keep the teeth and gums from developing diseases and infections. Regular dental exams with Dr. Susan J. Curley DDS in Wall, New Jersey can significantly reduce the likelihood of developing dental issues. You can restore oral health with scaling and root planing treatment performed in the dental office.

Gum Disease Diagnosis and Periodontal Therapy New Jersey Relies On

You may be unaware of your gum disease until it is advanced – which is why regular dental appointments are necessary. Gum disease happens when there is bacteria below the gumline that irritates the gums and causes redness and inflammation. This is the early stage, called gingivitis, and if it is untreated it advances to periodontitis, which is when the area between the teeth and gums is infected.

Scaling to Treat Periodontal Disease in New Jersey

Scaling removes tartar and other infected tissues from the root of teeth and below the gums. A tool is used to scrape away plaque, calculus, and tartar so that the area can receive further treatment and heal.

Root Planing to Heal and Prevent Gum Disease in Madison and Milburn

After your teeth have been scaled, you will need root planing in order to protect your teeth and gums from getting infected in the future. Planing the roots smoothens them, making it harder for tartar and plaque to stick to them. Depending on the severity of your damage, Dr. Curley may apply an antimicrobial gel or prescribe antibiotics to prevent bacteria from causing infections.

Call Dr. Susan J. Curley DDS for Periodontal Therapy, Millburn

Dr. Susan J. Curley DDS is the Wall, NJ expert when it comes to treating periodontal disease. Her goal is always to make you look the best you can, with a smile that dazzles the room. Susan J. Curley DDS General & Cosmetic Dentistry professionals can help you experience relief from the discomfort associated with periodontal disease. You can call to schedule an appointment so that you can be evaluated today.

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