Is It Better to Fix Cavities with Laser Dentistry?

Is It Better to Fix Cavities with Laser Dentistry?

Jun 01, 2020

What would be your biggest concern when your dentist provides information about the cavities on your teeth? Apart from the financial implications of having the cavities filled you would also be concerned about getting shots in your mouth, encountering the dreaded drill and eventually left with a puffy face. Your feelings at that particular time will make you want to run away from the dentists’ office to put off the treatment suggested for as long as possible.

Leaving cavities untreated may sound like a courageous act but if you think deeply you will understand that the cavity has a way of expanding and will eventually reach the roots of your tooth from where it begins to harm the underlying bone and cause problems much worse than you imagine. An untreated cavity can expose you to the problem of undergoing the dreaded root canal or may even lead to extractions that will heap upon you plenty of expenses. Thankfully, if you research carefully you will have no difficulties understanding that laser dentistry is now available to fix cavities painlessly without the drill and needles but just water and air. Do you believe it is too good to be true? Continue reading to understand more about how laser dentistry is a better option for fixing cavities.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Laser dentistry utilizes lasers to treat many different dental problems and was commercially allowed to be used in clinical dental practice in 1989. Laser dentistry can offer you a comfortable treatment option for many dental procedures of the soft and hard tissue compared to the traditional methods that are still being used.

Lasers are making dental treatments cost-effective, efficient, and comfortable and have been approved by the FDA for treating many different dental conditions. The ADA is still to approve lasers but it is expected they will do so sometime soon.

Laser dentistry can fix cavities by eliminating all the painful stuff and treating everything from canker sores to gum disease apart from cavities.

The Functioning of Laser Dentistry against Cavities

Susan J Curley DDS confirms that lasers can blast cavities with an invisible beam of light which is very conservative and precise. It allows a filling to be placed in a cavity without the removal of the healthy tooth structure as it was common earlier with a drill. The tooth remains hydrated throughout the procedure because of water-based laser systems the ensure pain is reduced even further.

Laser dentistry eliminates the need for anesthesia and drills by using light, water, and air for treating cavities. It is the reason why the procedure of fixing cavities is less painful making patients love the procedure than detest it.

Hard tissue lasers cut through the structure of the tooth using wavelengths that are absorbed by the combination of water and a specific mineral found in teeth. Lasers are popularly used for preparing teeth or shaping them for dental bonding, repairing worn fillings and removing some of the tooth’s structure.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry over Conventional Methods

Laser dentistry has many benefits over the traditional methods used by dentists. Some of them are mentioned below for your reference:

  • Lasers degrees the need for stitches when soft tissue procedures are performed.
  • Bleeding is minimized when treating soft tissues as lasers can promote blood clotting.
  • The need for anesthesia is also eliminated with some procedures.
  • The risks of bacterial infections are reduced because the laser can sterilize the area.
  • Faster healing of the wound is also experienced by patients.
  • The surrounding tissues in the mouth may not suffer sufficient damage.

Why Isn’t Laser Dentistry Common If It Is Painless?

Laser dentistry is the latest in dental procedures but has certain limitations about the kind of treatments it can offer. It cannot be used on teeth that already have fillings and it is difficult to place fillings in hard to reach areas in the mouth. Some patients may request anesthesia depending upon the tolerance levels.

Laser dentistry required a significant investment from dentists because they have to purchase the equipment which is more expensive than standard drills and must also undergo training in the use of the lasers. Dentists that have invested in the technology will have more tools to provide specific treatments that are best for you and your family painlessly.

To conclude it must be stated that fixing cavities will become a painless procedure if you opt for laser treatments from a qualified dentist like Susan J Curley DDS.

Doctor Curley has been my dentist for more than 25 years, and with good reason. She’s professional, compassionate, always willing to see patients in an emergency, and keeps up with the latest developments in dentistry, including cosmetic/restorative. Office staff is terrific and appointments are kept on schedule. Highly recommend.

Patricia Martz

INCREDIBLE!! If I could rate 10+ stars I would!! The ENTIRE staff at this office is the best you can get. Everything about the office and experience is exactly what you hope for when scheduling and going to a Dental appointment. Professional, compassionate, informative, and exceptionally nice! All of my dental anxiety was taken away the moment I walked into their office and spoke with the hygienist. I will, and have already started recommending Dr.Curley to my family and friends.

Meagan Barr

Dr. Susan Curley has been recommended to me by Mr. & Mrs. Schubert. I am thankful that my expectations has been met. I LOVE Dr. Curley and Lisa!!!! They have positive attitude and very caring to their patients. I LOVE the staff. They are very friendly and charming . Always service with a smile 😊 The dental office is very clean and has high tech tools. I am VERY VERY HAPPY and looking forward to seeing them again!!! Thank you for your great work and service!!! 💚🙏😇 P.S. I am in the process of convincing my husband to switch dentist- DR. SUSAN CURLEY and her staff indeed!!! 🥰😇😘🙏💚

mags klaver

I was so scared to restart my dental journey after 10 years of neglect on my part. This office, Dentist, and assistant were beyond angels. They provided me with all of the knowledge and information I asked for and went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable and secure. I am grateful to have found them and would recommend them to anyone.

Miss Meghan

Dr. Curley is an excellent and gifted dentist. The office & staff is so very professional, utilizing the latest technology and procedures to help make your experience comfortable and rewarding – delivering beautiful smiles every time. Highly recommended!! Each time I go, the experience is just awesome! Dr. Curley is truly an exceptional doctor who is dedicated to her patients. From reception to cleaning and dental work, it’s THE BEST!!! The entire team at Dr. Curley’s office is just superb. Good quality professional dental care is what Dr. Curley and her Associates provide. Stop in and see for yourself. The service is awesome!


Dr Curley is one of the best dentist one can find in the area. In addition to tremendous expertise based on decades of experience she is very caring person. Dr Curley is keeping up with the technology with continuous upgrades and learning. The staff and associates are helpful and courteous. Dr Curley takes care to go the extra mile be it a filling or more complex procedures. My family and I have been going to Dr Curley for a very long time. My review is based on my recent visit as well as our experience over the years. Dr Curley always brings in very friendly and expert hygienists. Sometimes she brings in temporary hygienists like Lisa who is outstanding


Dr Curley made time in her busy schedule to fit me in for an emergency visit. This is not the first time. She is extremely competent, compassionate, and committed to her patients

mary anne mccabe

This was our first visit with Dr. Curley and it was wonderful. The staff certainly knows the true meaning of customer service. The staff was so polite and they make you feel right at home. Dr. Curley took her time to explain things to us and we were not rushed in any way. Her assistant in the room with us was a pleasure. My daughter who was the patient loved her and the staff. We will for sure be back and happy to find a new Dentist 😊 Elizabeth Anderson Howell NJ

Elizabeth Anderson

I haven’t been to the dentist in years, today I got two cavities filled, and let me tell you, I didn’t feel a thing. Everyone at this practice is so kind, patient, and very very welcoming. 10/10 would recommend

Brittany Lager

WOW!! I went to Dr. Curley’s office yesterday. It was a wonderful experience!! From Stephanie at the front desk—I got the feeling that I was welcome, then Kiera showed me to the back, while speaking to me in a warm and friendly manner— I found I felt safe. Collin, the hygienist was informative and technically proficient in cleaning and educating me on the importance of flossing :-). Dr. Curley saw me soon after the cleaning. She examined me and spoke of possibilities of some future dental procedures. She took her time with me— questions were answered and some ideas were explored using some software the office uses for cosmetic procedures. The time in the office flew by. I appreciate the time Dr.Curley took with me. The office was exemplary— prompt, clean and professional— I highly recommend!!!!

Shawn Paolercio

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