How GLO Professional Teeth Whitening Works and Why It’s So Effective: An Easy-to-Understand Guide

How GLO Professional Teeth Whitening Works and Why It’s So Effective: An Easy-to-Understand Guide

Jul 10, 2023

Are you looking for teeth whitening options to improve your smile? There are many causes of tooth discoloration, such as excessive fluoride consumption, aging, and certain food substances. However, various whitening options can brighten your smile. Our dentist in Wall Township is at the forefront of looking for the latest dental technology treatments that will improve your oral health and experience at the dental office. GLO teeth whitening is a dental procedure that will give you a brighter smile and a sense of health, youth, confidence, and energy. Visit our dental offices near you for teeth whitening near you.

What is GLO Teeth Whitening?

GLO teeth whitening treatment has redefined whitening processes by making them simple and painless. GLO or guided lights optics is a dental technology that uses a gentle warming heat and light to activate the whitening gel for whiter and brighter teeth.

How GLO Professional Teeth Whitening Works?

In-office teeth whitening procedures are commonly requested because they are inexpensive, fast, and give immediate results. GLO professional teeth whitening near your work by using a dual-step procedure. During the procedure, the dentist will start by isolating your teeth using a refractor, then placing a gel barrier over your gum tissues to protect them. Next, the dentist will apply highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide in a thin layer on your teeth.

The contact time the whitening gel will require with your teeth will depend on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Lastly, the patented GLO mouthpiece is then inserted into your teeth and lit to activate the peroxide for whitening. After the procedure, you will experience no tooth sensitivity or discomfort.

After the in-office treatment, you will start the homecare phase to complete the procedure and maintain the smile. The dentist will give you instructions and a guide with pictures that will be easy to follow. In addition, you will receive a home kit containing everything you will need, such as the GLO mouthpiece, gel supply, charger, USB, and other necessary items.

At Home GLO Teeth Whitening Kit

Here is how to use it:

  • Start with applying the GLO lip care provided on your lips, inside the lips, and gums.
  • Next, apply a thin gel coating on your teeth.
  • Insert the GLO mouthpiece on your teeth and click the remote-control power button. This will lighten up the gadget with a blue light indicating its functioning.
  • Relax your jaw. You don’t have to bite your teeth or avoid swallowing since the gel will have adhered to the teeth making it impossible to swallow.
  • After eight minutes, the mouthpiece will flush and switch off automatically.
  • Repeat the process after removing the mouthpiece. Do this four times a day for ten days.

Visit our dentist on 07719 for professional teeth whitening if you are unsure of using the home kit.

Why Should You Consider GLO Teeth Whitening?

Here are outstanding qualities of GLO teeth whitening treatment that set it apart from other options.

  • The Whitening Kit is Easy to Use

GLO teeth whitening near you is performed using a vial technology that is very simple to use. No trays, runny gels, or strips are required during the procedure. The G-Vials include a brush which makes it easier to use on each tooth, both front and back. This makes it easier for the gel to avoid the gums and sensitive oral tissues.

  • Fresher Breath

Bad breath is usually caused by plaque buildup on the teeth and tongue. Plaque is formed after the mouth bacteria interact with what you are eating or drinking. When this happens, a sticky residue is stuck in your teeth, and your tongue produces a foul odor. You can remove dental stains and plaque buildup when your teeth are whitened.

  • It’s Approved

The FDA approves GLO teeth whitening near you. This shows that its benefits outweigh any known risks for the intended use as researched and judged by the FDA.

  • Doesn’t Cause Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity after whitening procedures is a primary fear to most. Fortunately, GLO whitening treatment has minimal or no teeth sensitivity. This is because the gel used for whitening is designed to keep off from your gums and other sensitive tissues. This minimizes any potential for Sensitivity, even for people with sensitive gums.

  • Enhances Proper Oral Hygiene Habits

A whiter smile will make you more confident and influence long-term oral hygiene habits. These habits include flossing at least once daily and brushing after every meal to maintain a white smile. In addition, some patients will decide to quit smoking, limit alcohol consumption and avoid high-pigmented food substances that may discolor the newly whitened teeth.

At Susan J. Curley DDS, we have a team of qualified dentists that will ensure you walk out with a brighter and more natural-looking smile once you visit our dental offices.