Everything You Should Know about Digital Smile Design

Everything You Should Know about Digital Smile Design

Nov 01, 2020

I’m modern dentistry, inventions, and new technology are what keep things going. They improve the efficiency and precision of doing things. Getting a technology that can cut across different specialties, ranging from cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry to orthodontics and periodontics, has significantly improved dentistry as a practice.

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is one such approach, that has supported many functions across different specialties. Its use has gone ahead to improve value provision for patients at DSD dental.

What is Digital Smile Design?

It is a systemic approach that employs visual perceptions, both photography and videography, embedded on the concept of better analysis of facial and dental proportions. These proportions are needed in specialties like cosmetic dentistry, to create perfection in the mouths of patients.

How Does DSD Work?

Technically, DSD is about taking high-quality digital visuals for your oral cavity and face, by extension, to create a unique design that will help in your treatment. The approach ensures that your examination, diagnosis, and execution of your treatment are thoroughly covered.

The designs created through this approach very well incorporate your desires, as well as your features, to realize highly satisfying outcomes for your smile. All that is needed is:

  1. A computer device – either a desktop, laptop, or tablet will do.
  2. MS Power-point or Apple Keynote software

When those factors are present, you communicate your desires to your dentist. The designs created from this approach, therefore, combine the digital visuals with communication to give an unmatched experience to patients. It is to mean that the smile you create, is precisely what you envision, with improvements suggested based on the digital visuals taken from your face and mouth.

What Are the Benefits of Using Digital Smile Design?

Anyone that schedules for a cosmetic dental procedure stands to appreciate more the benefits of this approach. However, before then, you must understand that technological advances and approaches in medicine are welcomed as a way to improve the dental experience, for both the dental expert and the patients. The benefits associated with DSD, therefore, are:

  1. It properly explores your features – the connection between your teeth, gums, lips, and your other facial features is important is creating a beautiful smile. Since everyone has personal facial characteristics, you cannot expect the same treatments to work equally for all patients. With the help of DSD, your smile will befit your smile and face, capturing even the spectrum of your emotions and facial expressions.
  2. Creation of very detailed designs – given how much of your features are analyzed, it is not hard to see why the DSD approach is great for realizing very detailed designs.
  3. What you communicate is important – your dental team will be eager to hear your preferences. This communication is also integrated into the entire approach. It is why the results are very satisfactory to patients. It is almost safe to say that the DSD protocols improve the communication between you and your dental design team. Ideally, they listen more to aid their planning, and you share more to aid the final execution of your treatment.
  4. Tailored to perfection – you can anticipate near perfect results when DSD dental it used. With heightened communication and high-quality visuals, it is hard not to achieve near-perfect results for your smile.
  5. It makes patients co-designers – this process is not about what the dental team can offer, but about what you want them to offer you. With the increased interaction between you and your dental team, you become a co-designer in the oral appliances that will be used to improve the appearance of your smile. This gives you more control over what the outcome of your treatment will be, as opposed to what conventional dentistry can offer you.
  6. Encourages transparency – the openness fostered between you and your dentist is unmatched, which also adds to giving you a satisfactory dental experience.

Should You Try DSD Protocols?

If you find these protocols available at a dental clinic near you, do not hesitate to try them, or at least inquire about them. The best part of the deal is that the protocols are only handled by dental experts who are highly competent and confident in using DSD. In that case, you can rest assured that your dentist is well capable of handling the new protocols, for amazing results.

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