6 Times when You Need Emergency Dental Care

6 Times when You Need Emergency Dental Care

Mar 01, 2022

Dental emergencies happen abruptly. Dental accidents require emergency dental care. We know it’s essential to get the emergency dental care you need urgently. Our dentist in Wall Township outlines the most common dental emergencies we deal with and necessary first aid care.

What are the most common dental emergencies? Do you know how to deal with them? With a quick, immediate response and the proper first aid treatment, you can prevent long-term damage and restore good oral health.

Below are the experiences that demand emergency dental care.

  1. When you have a knocked-out tooth.

Losing a tooth is a painful experience, and you should seek immediate medical attention. After an accident, makes sure your teeth are safe. Your teeth may appear okay, and you may need an emergency dentist appointment to assess the extent of your injury.

Keep the knocked-out teeth moist to preserve them. Store the tooth inside your mouth in the initial socket or between your cheeks and gums. However, if this is impossible, rinse the tooth of any dirt and put it in an airtight container filled with your saliva or milk.

  1. In case of a cracked or chipped tooth.

Have you ever bit something too hard? Broken teeth can not only ruin your perfect smile, but they can also cause discomfort. After chipping a tooth, rinse your mouth with saline water, then apply gauze to the bleeding area. Also, apply ice on your face closest to the chipped tooth to reduce swelling and pain.

In case of a chipped, cracked, or broken tooth due to an accident, it’s vital to fix the problem quickly. Untreated damaged teeth can lead to severe infections and cavities. Contact our emergency dentistry as soon as possible to make an appointment.

  1. Severe toothache.

Toothache is a negative sign: it may signify various conditions, including tooth decay. Although some toothaches are bearable without emergency dentistry, specific symptoms, such as swelling, require immediate attention. In sudden or severe toothache, gently brush and floss your mouth to remove plaque.

You mustn’t resort to standard medications such as aspirin or other pain relievers, as they may burn the affected gum tissues. Instead, apply ice to the outside of the cheek and contact our dental office for emergency service. We will determine the cause of the pain and treat you.

  1. Teeth abscess

Oral infections, especially near the tooth root or between the tooth and gum, can be severe. If left untreated, the diseases spread to surrounding gums and teeth.

Usually, an abscess is caused by untreated tooth decay or severe gum disease. With an abscess l, you may experience symptoms such as bad breath, pus from the gums, swollen glands, and fever. Often, an abscessed tooth requires minor surgery to drain the infection for appropriate treatment.

In an abscess, gargle with warm saline water, and apply ice to the swollen area. Seek emergency care urgently to prevent further infection.

  1. Due to broken Braces

Braces are designed to last long. However, the wires may stick out and poke your gums and cheeks, causing discomfort. In addition, due to broken braces, tooth alignment and straightening are affected.

When wires stick out, push the broken end to a more comfortable position. Also, if possible, cover the pointed end with cotton or wax to minimize poking. It’s crucial to seek emergency dental care to prevent damage and restore your orthodontic treatment.

  1. Loose Fillings or Crown

Crowns and fillings are dental restorations for damaged teeth. When you experience a metallic taste or when crowns break, correction is necessary to avoid further damage or reinfection.

While waiting for emergency dental care, stick a piece of sugar-free gum in the cavity, but don’t fix the tooth yourself, to prevent damage.

Dental emergencies occur when you least expect them. For this, at Susan J. Curley DDS, we provide emergency dental care in case of a sudden accident. In addition, we offer a range of treatment options to address almost any dental emergency. So kindly contact us and outline the trouble you’re going through, and our emergency dentist near you will be ready to give you or your loved one the care you need.

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