5 Reasons to Visit a General Dentist in Wall, New Jersey

5 Reasons to Visit a General Dentist in Wall, New Jersey

Apr 01, 2022

You have heard, and now you know by heart, that the secret to having the best teeth lies in having a disciplined oral hygiene routine. This means that you know how and when to brush and floss your teeth each day.

What’s more, you understand the fundamental basics of maintaining proper oral health is eating right. But your oral care is never complete until you include regular appointments with our dentist in Wall Township. These visits are vital since you can gain from the plethora of general dentistry services our dentist offers.

Visiting our general dentist near you can go a long way in enhancing and maintaining your smile. No matter how amazing you are at maintaining your oral health, you will never get the best results without seeking professional help.

Below are five reasons why you should visit our general dentist near you.

1. Regular Dental Checkups and Cleanings

Having your teeth checked after every six months is a great way of keeping dental issues at bay. It allows our dentist to examine and look for issues you might not even know. On the other hand, the period cleaning to remove plaque or tartar is essential for your oral health.

If you choose to go to specialist dentists, you will not receive six-monthly checks; these are services that a general dentist offers. X-rays will be taken to detect hidden dental issues, and you can also benefit from services such as oral cancer screening.

2. Multiple Dental Services Under One Roof

Seeing our dentist once every six months can do wonders for your smile since you will receive a plethora of services such as:

  • Preventive Dentistry

Just as the name suggests, these services are tailor-made to ensure that our patients prevent various oral health issues from emerging. The whole idea is to ensure that the teeth are healthy, sturdy, and disease-free.

You can expect cleaning, examinations, oral cancer screening, and fluoride treatment as part of the preventive services.

  • Restorative Dentistry

You can do your best to keep your teeth clean and healthy. But accidents happen, and even your teeth can be challenging to clean due to the positioning of the teeth. So, damage can occur, and so you will need restorative services such as crowns, fillings, or implants if you have lost a tooth.

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

You also need your smile to look its best. So, cosmetic dental services are designed to improve your dental aesthetics. You can enjoy services such as teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, etc.

  • Orthodontics

We offer orthodontics to patients who wish to correct various teeth alignment and bite issues. In this category, we have braces and Invisalign® that are designed to correct orthodontic issues.

3. Family Dentistry

When the term general dentist is used, it refers to a dentist who offers care to patients who are 16 and older. However, when a general dentist provides care to children and adults, it becomes family dentistry.

This versatility gives the dentist the chance to cater to your entire family. So, if you are a busy parent, you have the option of scheduling your appointments to coincide with your children’s appointments for maximum efficiency.

What’s more, you can benefit from generational care since our dentist will treat your grandparents, your parents, you, and your kids. Therefore, making it easier to plan for long-term treatments since our dentist can spot issues even before they manifest.

Patient history is much easier since there are nearly four generations that the same dentist is treating.

4. Build Strong Relationships

Nobody likes being reduced to a number on the waiting list. With a general dentist, you will be visiting the same office time and again, seeing the same staff members and thus building strong dentist-patient relationships.

You will also be very relaxed since you have been to the office so many times before, so your treatment will flow much easier.

5. Keep Track of Patient Records

Since you and your entire family are coming to one place for dental care, our dentist will have patient records all under one roof. Patient records are critical since this allows you to get proper oral care. If a family member needs to see a specialist, the records will still be sent to one place.

Seeing a general dentist will ensure that you get the best possible care. Contact us at Susan J. Curley DDS for general dentistry services.

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